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Connecting us to our World and Each Other

PiP Pods are living nature pods, where local communities members of all ages, can enjoy a local sanctuary of fun and wellness, protected from the noise and pollution of the urban environment.


They are a safe space of relaxation and playful fascination where interactive ecologies produce clean clean air, organic soundscapes, and a healthy easy to access, community driven and unique year-round garden in the local neighbourhood.  

PiP Pods have been designed with elements that have been proven to: 


  • reducing stress & inattentiveness whilst improving mood.

  • improving executive functioning, memory & self-regulation.

  • building supportive relationships and conflict resolution.

  • fostering ‘soft-fascination’ & psychological restoration.

  • engaging sensory exploration, curiosity, and free-associative play.

  • decreasing inflammation & improving physiological regulation & immunity. 

  • improving air quality through plant filtration.

  • encouraging future environmental stewardship & natural affinity.

  • activating restorative indirect attention though natural soundscapes.

  • reducing symptoms of ADHD.

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